“2020 RAMADAN”

So far 2020 has surprisingly been a difficult year. The circumstances are miserably tough. And for the very first time we all have encountered such conditions. The entire world has been facing problems before too and all our backup plans have not been successful at this point. The crew of various Doctors, governments, World health [...]


Would you not like that Allah should forgive you? And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. (Surah Noor:22) You know there are the times come into your life when you think that you have wronged yourself so bad that there is no door of forgiveness left for you. You feel like you don’t deserve it anymore [...]


"SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES" A World of 2016 is pretty change from 1996. Priorities are changed. People are advanced. Everyone is like mature in this Era even children too. Interaction, connection and communication has become so easy. Over 2.34 billion people use social networking sites in their daily basis. social Media has changed our life totally. It has made [...]


  THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE       (With Reference To Surah Ikhlas) Have you ever think that why we need a President, Prime Minister, whole parliament to run a single state?? Even though there are million of problems stays at their place. Why always behind any successful company brand or business, there are management teams, [...]